Welcome to Tomball, Texas!

As Old Town Tomball's most respected commercial property developer, we extend our welcome to anyone wanting to pursue their dream of their own small-town business. What originally began many years ago as one man trying to make a difference in a tired, failing downtown Tomball, the Hutson Group has evolved into an influential family-run business responsible for the existence of nearly every restaurant, antique shop, boutique and wine bar in the Old Town area.

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Our Business Matchâ„¢ tool asks a few questions about you and your business, then matches you to the perfect Hutson Group building in Old Town Tomball. We want to give you and your dream the best possible chance of growth and success for years to come.

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Feel free to browse our Available Properties to find your perfect building. While you're browsing, we'll also provide you details about each area of Old Town, it's history and the business types we hope to add to that area. Keep an eye out for our current and future Projects, as well.

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Market Square: Proposed Main Street buildings (construction begins Spring 2015)

Coming Soon!

Give Bryan Hutson a call at (713) 678-0152 or email him. If you don't reach him immediately... no worries... he'll call you back as soon as possible. He'll take the time to understand your business and recommend the best Hutson Group property for you.